Home Networking

Networking is all about connecting your devices so that wherever possible you can share resources.Do you need to connect several computers together, your media player to your computer or stream movies between your PC and TV? Do you want to connect your TV to the internet?

Wired connections are faster and more reliable and good for desktops and laptops and media players. Wireless connections where you don't have to run cables are good for phones and tablets that don't have an ethernet (RJ45) connector.

I have a mix of wired and wireless in my house which optimises the devices I connect. I connect desktops, laptops, (PC's and Macs) phones and tablets, TV's and media players to my network and share data between them all. Did you know you can plug a USB memory stick into your modem to make data sharing even easier?

Talk to me about your home networking needs including setup of new TV's and media devices.