Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

This is where you can use previous learning, work experience, volunteer work, leisure activities, travel etc to prove you have a certain set of skills. If you are looking to gain a qualification you don't need to apply for RPL for a full unit or competency although it's usually more efficient and cost effective if you do. In fact RPL should be an ongoing activity as part of your study and you can apply any time.

The thing about RPL is that the onus is on the student to provide the evidence. This is where I can help. Having conducted RPL assessments I know what sort of documentation to prepare and the forms of evidence that are acceptable to an assessor.  I can walk you through the whole process and then put you in touch with an RTO that has your unit on their scope of registration. You give them all your evidence and they can accredit you with the unit you are applying for. 

Call me to discuss your RPL needs