The Internet

The Internet is rich in information and a valuable tool for research, shopping, booking flights, or accessing learning tools. It's also fraught with danger from viruses, malware, hackers and scammers. Learn how to maximise your use of this wonderful resource whilst protecting yourself as best you can.

Learn about:

  • Domain names, how to read one, how they apply to websites and e-mail addresses. (nothing too technical)
  • Web browsers and how they work and how to configure them to suit you
  • E-mail - how it works, software choices and configuration
  • Safe use of internet and e-mail both at home and in public - Banking, shopping, passwords.
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware tools (they are different)
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN's). Keep people from prying into your personal net use. Great for banking.
  • Keeping your identity safe.

Duration: about 3 hours